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Software and Tech Trends for 2022

2021 is almost at a close, and the New Year is almost here. What will 2022 bring in terms of software and tech trends? And does any of that bode well for software sales professionals? As you’ll see, there are a number of exciting tech trends that will continue to develop over the course of the next year, and all of them will need software sales professionals.


AI has been leveraged by defenders looking to stave off an attack. But now threat actors are starting to use AI, with its ability to generate massive personalized phishing campaigns and generate realistic looking facial photographs (to name a few concerns). As the potency of these digital threats increase in all industries, more defense solutions will be needed. One industry expected to see an increase in cybersecurity attacks, particularly in the form of ransomware, is the supply chain industry. Healthcare is another frequently attacked industry, since sensitive patient data can be leveraged by hackers with bad intentions. Of course, with the need of every industry to embrace tech and software, threat actors are likely to be a potential concert in every space.


Augmented reality (AR) will help consumers make choices as they shop. For instance, a customer can see how a certain item would look in their home right from their smartphone. With more customers turning to social media pages for any given brand when it comes to questions, comments, and concerns, omnichannel customer support and sales funnels will become a bigger part of the customer journey. And the continued use of big data will help businesses leverage customer insights into company-wide decisions as well as nuanced, personalized recommendations. As customer journeys become more complex and competitive, CX will help businesses stay engaging and relevant.


The Covid pandemic has certainly changed how a number of Americans go about everyday life, including visits to the doctor. Telehealth applications will play a greater role in patient care, as will a shift to in-home testing kits for everything from genetic ancestry to dietary issues. In the area of research and development for clinical solutions, AI will accelerate the process of modeling and testing new treatments. As a whole, healthcare has lagged behind somewhat in terms of significant adoption rates, so it will be interesting to see if in 2022 they accelerate their investment in tech, especially IDNs managing a large network of hospitals. Speaking of hospitals, individual hospitals themselves often lag behind in terms of acquiring new tech, so in the face of a global pandemic that has issued new challenges, it’s likely they will need to accelerate their adoption rates.


More and more organizations are making remote learning part of the program to make sure employees are up to date on the best practices with onboarding and ongoing education. Some of these eLearning platforms may also leverage the power of AI to deliver content based on student performance. In the K-12 sector, educators have turned to gamification (you read that right) in order to make lessons more interactive and engaging. Speaking of interaction, VR and AR will become bigger staples in job training, but may also see greater use in K-12 settings to create immersive experiences that transcend traditional textbook learning. All of these trends were ongoing in 2021 and will likely further develop in 2022.


Software is poised to change the way every type of organization is run, from manufacturing to service industry (banking, communications, namely anything offering a service instead of a product). Human capital management will greatly benefit from AI that can help businesses of all sizes connect employees with answers to their HR concerns, like pairing up with the best insurance plan for their life stage or selecting the best retirement plan. Natural Language Processing is an AI based technology that can analyze unstructured data and guide executive decision making at every level, including the C-suite. Hyper automation is taking an already extant trend to a whole new level, freeing the workforce from repetitive low-value tasks so they can engage in higher-value tasks of more importance to the company.


One area of tech driven changes that might be under your radar is the agricultural sector. Hardware will bring big changes to the industry that puts food on the table. Companies like John Deere are developing cutting edge crop dusting drones. Other hardware like sensor based technology will reduce waste and increase growing efficiency. Machine based learning and AI will facilitate genetic engineering for increased yields. And P2P platforms will help pair produce growers connect with consumer facing retail outlets and restaurants to reduce the overall amount of food that goes to waste. In terms of all the industries listed here, agriculture is probably the oldest…but it may be one that will see some of the most exciting changes.


Government also traditionally lagged behind like healthcare in terms of tech adaptation. But because of the remote working environments necessitated by Covid, many government agencies have accelerated their use of tech and software, particularly those that can keep the government workforce connected. State and local governments are looking at eLearning platforms and secure conferencing platforms, for example. New tech hardware and software will also likely play an increasing role in delivering infrastructure services, such as drones and robots. Citizen data for considerations like tax purposes and social services will be migrated to cloud platforms, which of course will necessitate additional cybersecurity measures.

What does it all mean for you?

A big part of the professional journey is software sales is not just landing at the right company, but with the right product. Software sales professionals who strongly believe in the value of the product they are selling will surpass their sales goals more often. There is a greater chance they’ll stay longer at their company, and be happier with their work-life balance. With all the exciting tech and software trends going on in different industries, there is sure to be something that speaks to you as a new opportunity in 2022.

If you’re thinking about making a switch to a new sales space or even just a new company (within the same market) let’s connect! As a software sales recruiter with almost four decades of experience I’ll have a number of ideas I could discuss with you that match up with what you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you are seeking talent, I have a large pool of qualified candidates to draw from. Send me an email at

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