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5 Closing Techniques for Software Sales

Closing a sale is perhaps the most important moment in the software sales cycle. It’s a make or break moment; the close determines whether everything you did up to that point was a success...or if you need to try a different sales strategy. Many times closing a sale comes down to using the right phrases and leveraging a bit of psychology.

Of course, the best software sales professionals live by the popular sales adage of ABC—always be closing. This doesn’t mean you have to be like Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross...but it does mean that you need to constantly refine your closing techniques.

The sales principle of “always be closing” applies to each individual sale as well. Over the course of your conversation with a prospect, you want them to move through a series of smaller commitments by responding to their objections and pushback—and helping them recognize the value of the SaaS or tech product you’re representing.

Then you get to that big moment: the final close. This is where you want your software sales prospect to turn into a software sales customer by signing on the dotted line. When it comes to closing, you can...

  • Assume that the deal is done—with an assumptive close.

  • Make it a now or never situation—with an urgency close.

  • Surprise them with a sharp angle close.

  • Make them come back to you with a takeaway close.

  • Summarize the benefits with a summary close.

Let’s take a look at each closing strategy now.

Assume that the deal is done—with an assumptive close.

The assumptive close is about using language that indicates the deal is a foregone conclusion. “When can I schedule a meeting with our engineers?” The assumptive close requires a sizable dose of confidence, not just at the moment of the final close, but throughout the entire sales process. The power of positive thinking can go a long way in software sales, so if you believe that you will close this deal from the first phone call or email, you may find that your assumptive language carries more weight.

Make it a now or never situation—with an urgency close.

This closing strategy is all about playing up a special benefit that’s only around for a limited time. The scarcity principle shows that people have an inherent reaction to place more value on something that is only here briefly. I can give you 20% off this today. This is the last time we can offer implementation at this price. If you come onboard with this today, I can fast track you to the front of the line. Though this technique is pretty good for overcoming inertia, it can become overplayed, so it’s best used once you have a strong relationship with the prospect or client.

Surprise them with a sharp angle close.

The sharp angle close is sort of like an alley-oop in basketball. You will need your sales manager to pass you the proverbial ball for the slam dunk by greenlighting a price reduction or other similar perk before negotiations. If your prospect is trying to push the envelope by asking for add-ons, you can catch them by surprise. Sure thing, we can do that. We can definitely do that for you if you sign today. This ace-up-your-sleeve response will catch them off guard and make it harder to object. After all, you’re giving them what they want...but only if they agree to make a deal now.

Make them come back to you with a takeaway close.

There are a few varieties to the takeaway close. One involves removing part of what you offer and presenting a discounted price. The prospect might get fixated on what you’ve removed and ask for you to bring it back—bring it all back...and let’s close the deal now. Another variety of the takeaway close involves just walking away from the prospect, or suggesting that maybe it’s best you walk away because they don’t really seem to think this product is a good fit. Keep in mind that this variant only works when a “no” doesn’t bother you or present you with a problem. Moreover, it only really works when you’ve gotten deep into negotiations over a sale and you know the client does want it...they’re just objecting over certain parts like the price.

Summarize the benefits with a summary close.

A summary close will involve emphasizing the benefits of the SaaS or tech product your prospect is going to purchase. This sales closing strategy tends to work best after a thorough round of open-ended questions that help you discover a prospect’s needs. Once you’ve worked through their objections and verified with active listening that you understand their goals, it’s time to lay out a summary of what you can offer them. So we’re going to develop a backend app that will integrate all ten of your fulfillment centers, implementing that app within the next thirty days, and providing complementary support for one year. When is a good time for you to meet with our developers? By packaging everything they need into one bottom line, you make it easier for the prospect to visualize what they would be missing out on if they don’t say yes.

“Always Be Closing” will shorten the sales cycle and help you close more.

Having a good software sales closing strategy is a constant work in progress. But it’s a necessary part of being a top-notch software sales professional. An effective toolkit of closing strategies (because there isn’t one-size-fits-all) will help you shorten the sales cycle, close more deals, and generate more commissions. Be forewarned that your approach to the close might be deflected. At that point, you might want to ask some open-ended questions to uncover and handle any objections. But remember, you’ve always got to be closing...and keep your eyes on that final close.

Of course, it helps to represent a product and software company you like and care about. Even the best athletes can’t perform their best on a subpar team, and the best software sales professionals need to be in the best possible environment in order to excel. With several decades in software sales recruiting, I can help you find the company that matches your professional and personal goals. As a software sales headhunter, I’m also plugged in to a great network of talented closers who can improve your company’s win rate. Whether you’re looking for talent or seeking employment, send me an email at and let’s connect!

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