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5 Tips for Software Sales Reps Using Social Media

There’s no doubt that being an effective software sales rep is easier with good social skills. But what about using social media to improve your sales metrics? Here are a few tips for leveraging your social network to turn more prospects into clients.

  • Engage with other users.

  • Research who you should engage with.

  • Be congenial with others in your posting.

  • Be thoughtful in reaching out to new contacts.

  • Make content as often as you least daily.

Let's dive into each one now...

Engage with other users.

The posts that a social media platform shows you in your feed are based on an algorithm. There are a number of inputs to this complex formula, but one of them is who you interact with. If you leave comments on a person's posts—and especially if they respond to those comments—the platform will take note of that engagement...and they’ll start seeing your posts more. So be friendly and thoughtful. Don’t just like the posts you’re being shown, but leave a comment on them as well. Remember that social media is supposed to be social.

Research who you should engage with.

Of course, if you’re aiming to connect with a specific set of people, you’ll have to do a little research, so you know whose posts to comment on. You can use search parameters to narrow down results and connect on platforms like LinkedIn. You can also read management bios on company sites and then find relevant individuals on social media. You will have to use some discretion—following with a prospect you don’t know personally on Twitter may seem more reasonable than following them on Instagram.

Be congenial with others in your posting.

Social media platforms, even business-focused ones, can become argumentative places. Avoid contentious threads or posting about divisive topics like politics. Keep your own posts about your software, and if you like to add some personal flavor, keep it tactful. You usually can’t go wrong with pictures of your latest vacation or homemade recipe, so long as everything is appropriate. Projecting yourself as someone personable will go a long way towards making interactions with prospects a lot more smooth.

Be thoughtful in reaching out to new contacts.

Many sales reps send cookie cutter messages to all their new contacts. This strategy for making connections is quite the pasta approach—that is, throwing pasta at the wall and hoping it sticks. The copy and paste function sure makes it easier, but is it effective? Rarely—especially since everyone else is doing it. Instead, try reading a connection’s profile and sending them a thoughtful message that actually shows you see them as an individual. Hey, I noticed that you also like to...Hi there, I noticed that you work in….Whatever the case may be, starting a conversation and building a long term connection will serve you better than an immediate sales pitch.

Make content as often as you least daily.

The average person today needs to see something seven times before they take it seriously. And by some estimates, that number is even greater today with the inundation of content we experience. If you are posting content once a week, you aren’t very visible. Posting content at least once a day is best. Does your backend support team provide in-house marketing material? Post it. Can you write a weekly blog on your SaaS? Write it. Are you able to capture short videos of yourself talking about the software or sharing client success stories? Film it. If you’re fresh out of ideas for the day, at the very least share or repost some industry news.

A final word about using social media for sales

Software sales reps should of course, make sure they are following the rules of engagement with their company. These rules at a large company will be totally different than they are at a smaller startup. But if you have the green light to use social media for farming prospects, use these five tips to forge some useful connections and gain good traction. Of course, social media venues like LinkedIn can also be helpful for locating a new workplace or talent to fill your sales team. If you need some help there, you should definitely reach out and send me an email at I’m a software sales headhunter with almost four decades of experience in the industry, so I can definitely help you whether you're searching for a new software sales job or a new employee.

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