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People change positions for a number of different reasons. 


Stuff happens all the time to necessitate a change…new executive management, company downsizing/failure,  economic conditions,  territory change,  dog ate your proposal?


Or, things are going well, you’re just ready for a change.  How about a change in technology?  How about a change of company culture?  Maybe you’re ready for career advancement?  How about just making more money?


What’s your situation?


Career success is positively influenced by being in the right place at the right time.  We can help you get there.  We are aware of industry trends and directions.  We know the companies and their market positions.


We'll talk with you about what you've done, what you'd like to do, and discuss what's important to you. 


We listen.


We'll present you with opportunities that match your specific goals and interests.  And, we know how to position your strengths ensuring you'll interview with those companies.


Michael Blair Associates will make a difference.


Since 1984 Michael Blair Associates has been placing sales, pre-sales and management professionals within the software industry. 


Built over 30 successful years of High Tech recruiting, Michael Blair Associates has an extensive client base of companies ranging from legacy to leading edge.


We consistently provide the most comprehensive spectrum of career opportunities in the marketplace.

Shirley Hoffman

Mike Hanna is a true professional and works for both the candidate and company and keeps both parties best interests forefront. He is open and honest with his communication. I would highly recommend leveraging Mike for your next Job search or employee search. By far the most forthcoming and honest recruiter I have worked with in the past 10-15 years!

Andrew Hauser

Mike Hanna brings integrity, sincerity, and reliability to what can be an arduous process. He walked beside me during the candidate experience with a high level of competency and efficiency. Thank you Michael for all of your help!

Mark Bytnar

Mike is a career recruiter and I can see why! I had the pleasure of working with Mike when he approached me for a new career opportunity. I highly recommend Mike if you're interested in making a change. He is very knowledgeable in the tech industry and will work hard to find the best opportunity that matches your career goals. If Mike calls,pick up as there's a good chance there will be an ideal match since he takes the time to understand your skills, experience, and goals.

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