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Sales Engineer with Security Operations Company 'Crossing the Chasm'

This opportunity is available in Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL!

This client is a market leading company in Business-Driven Security Management. Their solution intelligently automates and orchestrates network security policy management to make enterprise organizations more agile, more secure, and more compliant.

It is a solution that has ‘Crossed the Chasm’ and is now in heavy demand.  IDC reported the TAM for this space was at 2B in 2018 and growing to 12.1B by end of 2021…yup that’s right: 600% growth.

They are expanding their Sales Engineering team and looking for a growth hire in Texas. This person will team with the company’s best Regional Sales Manager…#1 in the company.

A few additional company notes:

• Founded 2005, Private, Profitable for 12 years running 

• Approaching 100M in Revenues 

• 1800 customers including 15 or the Fortune 50. 

• Strategic Alliance with Cisco and as of summer ‘19 on Cisco’s GPL 

• 400 employees 

• Accelerated growth achieving an average annual rate of 30% for the past 5 years 

• Anticipated IPO in 2023

Sound interesting?


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